Sr. Full Stack Developer – Toledo, OH

Job TitleSr. Full Stack Developer
LocationToledo, OH
Job NumberJob-983168
Date Published2/5/2024


  • 8+ years of experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computer Engineering or ideal Azure stack developer experience.


-Design and develop an enterprise web application that targets Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices using C#, .Net 7+, Blazor (WASM), and other modern web technologies.
-Leverage Microsoft Azure services to architect and implement scalable, high-performance web platforms.
-Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, provide technical guidance, and ensure alignment with project goals.
-Conduct code reviews, mentor junior developers, and enforce best practices to ensure high-quality software development.
-Debug, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance using various tools and methodologies.
-Develop and maintain documentation for software design, development processes, and user guides.
-Keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure the adoption of best practices and innovation in software development.
-Participate in agile development processes and contribute to planning, estimation, and retrospectives.

Desired Strengths:

-Ability to quickly analyze complex problems, break them down into smaller components, and develop efficient solutions
-Ability to effectively communicate their ideas, plans, and decisions to both technical and non-technical stakeholders
-Attention to detail – can spot potential issues or improvements in code, designs, or processes.
-Familiarity with Agile
-Eager to collaborate
-Expertise in .Net 5+, Asp Net Core Expertise (MVC) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVVM Pattern, WEB API (REST), Visual Studio, GIT, Application Containerization,  Data Modeling (SQL& No-SQL), Blazor, Mudblazor
-Experience optimizing the performance of web applications, both on the server side and the client side. This includes knowledge of caching strategies, database optimization techniques, and front-end performance improvements.
-Familiar with Repository Pattern
-Publisher and Subscriber
-Unit Testing Experience (BUnit, Xunit, Nunit, MStest)
-Dependency Injection Pattern and Systems modeling and diagramming
-Understands security best practices, such as securing web applications, encrypting data, and implementing authentication and authorization using technologies like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and JWT.
-Development experience with EntityFramework Core