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Experienced IT Professionals for Your Company

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Unlocking Your IT Career Potential

Are you an IT professional seeking new opportunities to elevate your career? Look no further! We specialize in connecting talented IT individuals like you with excellent job placements that align with your skills, goals, and aspirations.

Providing Quality Job Placement for IT Professionals and Clients

We offer high-quality information technology recruiting and consulting services for businesses that need reliable IT professionals. Our staff works hard to deliver quality people and services every time! We also take time to understand your company's projects and goals so that we can provide you with IT professionals who will help you reach each of your benchmarks. Our wide-reaching network can provide you with access to the top technical IT talent in their fields.

Industries Served

Synergy Consulting Group Inc.’s IT professionals support numerous functions within a variety of industries, including:




Financial Services




Why Choose Synergy Consulting Group?

We are a trusted and proven partner for clients and IT Professionals.

Expertise in IT Placement

With over a decade of experience in the IT industry, we understand the evolving landscape and the skills that organizations are searching for. Our team of industry experts can provide you with personalized guidance to navigate your career path successfully.

Diverse Job Opportunities

Our clients span across industries, ensuring that you'll find a role that utilizes your expertise and resonates with your interests.

Tailored Matches

We believe in finding the perfect fit for both job seekers and employers. Our innovative matching process goes beyond keywords, ensuring that your skills and aspirations align seamlessly with the company culture and role requirements.

Career Growth

Your success is our success. We offer resources and support to help you upskill, enhance your professional profile, and stay updated with the latest industry trends. When you grow, we all grow.


At Synergy Consulting Group, Inc., we thrive on building successful partnerships. Whether you're a potential client or an IT professional looking to join our team, we're eager to explore how we can work together to achieve excellence.