Potential Clients

Potential Clients

At Synergy Consulting Group, Inc., our team is known for a personal and collaborative approach to identifying the best, most talented IT professionals for your business’s open jobs and projects.

Our outsourced IT experts support business functions within various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services/banking, energy/utilities, casinos, airlines, and retail/service. The executive team at Synergy combines over 50 years of experience to give you seamless access to quality IT candidates.

We continue to work with only top-notch, talented IT professionals, partly because we offer highly competitive wages, group long-term disability insurance, personal time off, paid holidays, and excellent health benefits, including group medical and life insurance.

Our talented professionals are experts in precise areas of IT, including:

  • Application Development
    (.NET C#, VB.NET, J2EE, and more!)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Administration
  • Project Management

We carefully assess IT candidates through Our Synergy Select™ evaluation process to ensure that each candidate meets your and our expectations. Commitment to thorough assessment allows our clients to be confident that a Synergy Select™ information technology professional will provide immediate value.

Synergy Consulting Group, Inc.’s prequalification for your IT analyst process includes the following:

  • Interviews with Experienced IT Recruiters
  • Supervisory Reference Verifications
  • Criminal Background Screenings
  • Drug Screenings for a Drug-Free Workplace
  • IT Technical Skills Testing Upon Request
  • Bachelor, Master, & Doctorate Degree Verifications Upon Request
  • Security Clearances Upon Request
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With Synergy Consulting Group, Inc.,

We will show you why contracting your upscale IT services for high-quality job placement is worth it.

Business Analysts

Connects IT staff with company leadership. Primary duties include transferring stakeholders' business goals into specific deliverables, overseeing technical development, and analyzing data to facilitate changes in infrastructure for business growth.

IT Specialists

In charge of setting up, managing, and troubleshooting the technology systems used to maintain computer and software networks. Primary duties include responding to hardware problems, updating system software, tracking the data, and tracking communications used on their network.

Software Developers

Uses their knowledge of programming languages to design software programs. Primary duties include meeting with clients to determine their software needs, coding software, testing software to ensure functionality, and updating software programs to refine components like cybersecurity measures and data storage capacities.

Network Administrators

Oversees an organization's computer systems or database networks to ensure proper maintenance and security. Primary duties include working with other IT staff and company employees to identify network or computer system needs, installing new hardware or software, and using employee feedback to solve issues.

Data Analysts

Utilizes their knowledge of data processing software and business development strategies to provide recommendations to company executives. Primary duties include collaborating with other data professionals to extract data figures, creating reports based on their findings, and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine business initiatives' success.

Digital Product Development Leads

Oversees the lifecycle of a digital product from inception to launch. Primary duties include market and customer research, designing the product architecture, UI development, and supply chain planning by mediating between consumers and technical teams.

Inventory Specialists

Oversees the ordering, storing, receiving, and distributing processes of an organization's products and supplies. Primary duties include controlling the flow of supplies and equipment, tracking/analyzing inventory maintenance, and developing protocols for loss mitigation.

Director of DevOps

Leads the DevOps department and oversees projects. Primary duties include managing day-to-day activities and supporting the business's site/software/applications platforms.

Java Developers

Specializes in Java coding language. Primary duties include designing Java applications and programs, testing Java software, and troubleshooting technical issues in various Java programs.

.NET Developers

Builds software applications using languages and technologies in the .NET framework. Primary duties include designing, coding, testing, and deploying applications, providing technical support, and maintaining software throughout its lifecycle.

SQL Engineers

Responsible for designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance. Primary duties include developing MS-SQL queries and procedures, creating custom reports, and modifying ERP user forms to enhance organizational productivity.

Project Managers

Oversees all aspects of projects within a company's IT department. Primary duties include coordinating production releases, employee management, delegating tasks, and reporting a projects progress and results.

Systems/Computer Programmers

Writes code that allows software applications to operate more efficiently. Primary duties include designing and updating software solutions, writing/updating source code, and managing various operating systems.

Software Engineers

Develops software programs or systems that align with business needs. Primary duties include meeting with clients or business professionals to strategize ideas for beneficial software, coordinating with other IT professionals to design software, and running tests to catch coding errors.

Network Engineers

Creates IT networks for businesses. Primary duties include developing company networks, coordinating with company leaders to identify network needs, and aiding employees in effectively utilizing networks.

Lead Data Architects

Creates data management systems based on company requirements. Primary duties include working with data engineers and information technology professionals to develop management systems.

Digital Delivery Managers

Oversees relationships with customers and employees. Primary duties include employee management, facilitating meetings, and ensuring that products and services satisfy consumers.

EPM Developers

Responsible for building and maintaining Essbase Outlines, Calculation Scripts, Business Rules, Dimension Builds, Data Loads, and Batch Automation Scripts. Primary duties include managing and monitoring the Oracle load process, data validation, and addressing load issues.

Program Integration Engineers

Develops and integrates hardware and software systems that organizations use. Primary duties include implementing and coordinating solutions, assessing existing infrastructure, and performing troubleshooting for ICT systems.

Development Operations Engineers

Ensures that code releases go smoothly by analyzing data for improvements and optimization. Primary duties include managing software development operations, implementing engineering tools, and streamlining software updates or creation.

AWS Developers

Specializes in AWS services and applies secure and scalable practices. Primary duties include setting up, maintaining, and updating cloud infrastructure in web applications.

SQL Developers

Responsible for all aspects of designing, creating, and maintaining databases. Primary duties include building efficient databases and writing optimized SQL queries for integration with other applications.

Contact our executive sales team to learn how we can help you find your company’s next successful IT professional, data analyst, project manager, or programmer.

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